Regional Training Center

 Oregon / SW Washington

Painters, Drywall Finishers & Allied Trades Apprenticeship


Application Timeline



  • Application: Apply any Tuesday -- January thru the end of September.


  • Additional Documents: Submit any additional documents by the end of that calendar month.


  • Scoring: At the end of calendar month we score the applications and decide if you meet the minimum requirements.


  • Status Letter: Within a week of scoring (during the first week of the next month) you will receive a letter advising if you are accepted and what your score is. The letter will tell you the date of the next Orientation session, which is mandatory.


  • Orientation: Attend Orientation later that month.


  • Addition to Ranked Pool: On the day after Orientation your name goes on the Ranked Pool (the "waiting list"). The more points you score, the higher your name will be on the list to be called for jobs.


  • The Waiting Begins: We cannot predict how soon you will be called to work. It depends on several things; the time of year, state of the economy and how many points you scored on your application. It could be next day, the next month or longer. Most hiring takes place during summer months.