Regional Training Center

 Oregon / SW Washington

Painters, Drywall Finishers & Allied Trades Apprenticeship




User Names and Passwords have been distributed to participating employers.

Contractors: CLICK HERE to enter the safety website and look up safety training records for individual members.

Click on Print Employee Report to see a list of your employees and a recap of their safety classes. You can either print or view it on screen. (The Training Center doesn’t always know if members change jobs. Upon request, we will be glad to recode those members who no longer work for you and to add those who do.)

Here are some tips for logging in and searching for members:

When you are logging in, be sure to type a zero (not the letter O) after the E in your User Name.

When you search for an individual member, the website will ask you to type the member’s Last Name and First Name. It’s not necessary to type both. For best search results, type as little as possible into these fields. Try typing just the first few letters of either name. Examples: