Regional Training Center

 Oregon / SW Washington

Painters, Drywall Finishers & Allied Trades Apprenticeship


Monthly Policy Reminders


Monthly Progress Reports: These reports are due, one each
month – working or not working, in the Apprentice Office by the
5th of each month. It is your responsibility to keep records
pertaining to your employment, hours worked, and Related
Training classes. Failure to submit the “Monthly Progress
Report” is grounds for Committee action.

Mail your reports to:
Painters Apprenticeship Office
13521 NE Whitaker Way
Portland, OR 97230

Inclement Weather: In the event that extreme or adverse weather occurs, listen for notification of class closures for Portland Community College (PCC) and/or Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) via radio. If either of these colleges has cancelled classes due to the weather, the apprenticeship classes are also canceled. The following stations will carry the announcement.







Mandatory Related Training Attendance Policy: Related Training means classroom studies. Every apprentice is required to attend class and the exact policy is set out in your personal copy of policies. A copy is always available for your review.

Sometimes an emergency may occur, such as:

  • A death in the family – the apprentice must provide a copy of the obituary from the paper.
  • A doctor’s written work release, for a prolonged period; a leave of absence may be required.
  • A written notice from your employer, i.e., working out of town; you will be given make-up work on correspondence.

Call the Apprenticeship office immediately if an emergency occurs: 503-287-4856.

If there are any questions, please contact the Apprenticeship office at: 503-287-4856.

AM Stations


FM Stations

 KGW620 KPAM1400 KINK102 
 KXL750 KYTE970 KGON92 
 KEX1190 KYXI1500 KQFM100 
 KKSN910 KWJI1080 KUPL98.5 
 KUPL1330 KVAN1550 KXL95