Regional Training Center

 Oregon / SW Washington

Painters, Drywall Finishers & Allied Trades Apprenticeship


Current Apprentices



 Your apprenticeship begins once you have been
dispatched to your first job and "indentured" to the
JATC (Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee).
The JATC will oversee your progress throughout
the program.

Recordkeeping: It is your responsibility to keep records
pertaining to your employment, hours worked, and Related
 Training classes.

Monthly Progress Report (MPR): The MPR is a record of your work hours, and the type of work performed. They are due each month, whether you are working or not. The MPRs must reach the Apprentice Office by the 5th of each month. Failure to submit the "Monthly Progress Report" is grounds for Committee action. You can download these forms directly from this web site using the options below, or pick them up at the Regional Training Center.